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What to Do in San Diego When the Tourists are Gone?

Way down south, near the Mexican border, is a little town called San Diego. A place that every year, millions of people flock to in search of a coastal view and a California Burrito. In 2016 alone, we had over 34 million people stopping in to visit some of your favorite restaurants, and more importantly taking some of your favorite parking spots. I don’t know how many burritos they ate, but let’s assume a lot.

As summer now fades and San Diego fakes its own version of fall that is still summer; the natives here get a chance to reflect. And we ask ourselves, “What to Do in San Diego When the Tourists are Gone?”

Park Near the Beach

Go ahead and visit one of those sandy places you used to enjoy. Instead of taking 20 mins to drive somewhere and then 20 minutes, you can save a portion of your life with newly available spots. Stroll down that 101 and snag a place right in front of the Cardiff campgrounds. Maybe pass through the Swamis lot and catch an hour or two of longboarding. Speaking of…

Go Surfing or Try Surfing

The water is still warm, the beaches have cleared out, and there are half as many beginners flailing their boaty boards around. Take advantage of this moment to surf your favorite spots. If you don’t have favorite spots yet, get on that. Maybe hang out at VG’s Donuts long enough to make some friends who happen to surf, and really like to chill. More of the fitness type? Find someone who is overly enthusiastic about paddle boarding or kayak surfing. Which oddly brings me to my next point…

See Local Music

Now that the venues have lost their line of people waiting to be a part of the San Diego scene, you can walk up to will call and buy a ticket. Anywhere. I personally love the Belly Up for live music. I am also a huge fan of the local indie artists that pop up and happen to be hosting a little music festival called the SaltDog Classic to bring some of these talented people out on the beach. In any shape or form, from robots to rock n’ roll, go out and enjoy the arts, maybe dance a step or two.

Your Friend,


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