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Story of the SaltDog

When surfing was beginning to gain traction in California, thousands of young men and women flocked to the beach to join the scene. Chasing a curling wave or an attractive babe, locals soon found that the beach was not just a destination but a lifestyle. A home away from home where joy could be found sunbathing two towels down, or from a quick dip into the ocean. A generation of beachbums was growing and families sprouted children with salt in their brain and surfwax in their blood.

One warm and sunny day on the shores of Blacks Beach, La Jolla, a young pup caught sight of his first big waves. He had always heard howling legends about the power and the tranquility that emerged from theses ocean swells. Tales of the baddest dogs conquering the biggest mountains of water bounced between his floppy ears. The pup’s father was known in the pack as a surfer and one of the founding dogs who helped create the first foundations of k-9 Surf Riders. With a legacy to live up to, the youth hopped onto his surfboard and challenged the elements of wind and water.

Years passed, and the ocean became part of the SaltDog, now tall in his long legged stride. There was no distinction between the ocean water and the blood that flowed through this dog's veins. No longer was the beach simply a place on the map, but a place in his soul.

On a stormy day in December, the true force of nature showed her claws. 15 foot high, rounded black surfaces erupted, faster than a freight train. The old SaltDog was far out past the shore break and was waiting with a meditative calm. Then, from the depths of the cold water canyon, a massive moving monolith appeared before him. In a moment where most would feel fear, he felt only focus. In place of panic he felt power. And there was no doubt in his mind

-This was the one!

With a burst of adrenaline induced doggy paddles, the two soon met at the precipice of energy. The very peak of existence. Without hesitation, without doubt, and without caution, the surfer flew down the face of a triple overhead beast. With zen like control, he carved lines all the way to the sands, ripping the wave to shreds. When he stepped off his board in the shallow water, his friends all barked with joy.

From that day fourth, he and his k-9 crew would forever be known as SaltDogs and true stewards of the ocean. As history became legend, and legend became myth, the responsibility has now been passed to all of us, the future generations, who must take up the fight for coastal conservation and community preservation.

The Story Lives On In You...

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