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Featured Artist: Emily Afton

A world of light with a twist of dark solace

Step into the world of Emily Afton.

First exposed to Emily’s music at a party in her parent’s backyard, we were spread out across a grassy hill and listening from the shadows. The stage was a backyard patio and a fluorescent standing light, overly contrasting. A girl standing with her acoustic guitar, stands there politely smiling and nervous. She thanks everyone for being at their home, and steps closer to the microphone. She strums her instrument and sings out her first note. There was a tone in her voice that captivated her friends and everyone paid quiet attention. As if to speak would break the sincerity of her song lyric.

Later following her music into the Santa Cruz years, her style continued to grow in unique ways. Where most of the student bands were singing folks tunes and picking bluegrass licks, she had a Fender Mustang in hand and was belting out new age rock with a building presence of psyche. Each performance would evoke an emotional connection with her and the audience, and leave them wanting to unveil the mysteries behind each song. Behind the person.

A true phenomenon sprouting out of San Diego, Emily Afton has been evolving here music to form her newest album, ARCHETYPE. As she was sharing her new creations, Third Eye Blind lead singer Stephan Jenkins discovered her music and promptly asked her to join their U.S. tour as the opening band. Inspired by the building momentum, Emily Afton returned to her home town to finish her recordings and release the newest masterpiece. The episodic debut LP, co-produced by David Earl and Lila Rose has wonderfully dark tones in a sea of colored sounds. You can download it on iTunes and Spotify.

From early years of edgy emotionally charged songs, to the refined overtones and vocal harmonies of Archetype, listen to it all. The mystery still stands, and there is a lot to discover with this new thriving artist.

Come full circle, this year I am very proud to have her playing at this year's @SaltDogClassic. This grassroots festival is built by members of the San Diego community, and all the awesome kids I once knew have turned into awesome adults that make this town thrive. Emily is a testament to this truth. There is no doubt going to be some dancing going down during Emily Afton's set. Get there early to not miss out this Sept 22nd at Seaside State Beach, 11AM - 6PM.


About SaltDog Classic

Founded by a handful of California surfers, this is a grassroots festival thrown San Diego style. The event features live bands, vendors, various artists, and a full on Tiki Bar rocking. All held right here at Seaside State Beach. Designed with the intent to raise money for local non-profits, state parks, and rising artistic talent, SaltDog Classic brings the community together for a truly great day of festivities. Check them out at

About Rancho Coastal Humane Society

Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) began its journey in 1960, and was founded by a group of hardworking volunteers. Led by animal lover Maria K. Lloyd, their mission was to care for the homeless animal population of San Diego County and to educate the public about pet overpopulation and responsible companion animal care. To this day, their mission holds true. SaltDog Classic is proud to support them as our dedicated beneficiary. Contributions from the silent auction, all direct donations, and any profits from the event go towards their cause.

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