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Featured Artist: Mestizo Beat

Brothers that Rock together

Mestizo Beat is forged in the furnaces of the Los Angeles melting pot, where thousands of aspiring artists have battled for the top spots for decades. In my opinion folks, these dudes are top shelf mestizos and are taking full advantage of their love for worldly grooves.

Started by two brothers, Lito and Gus Magana have the fire in their blood that heats music well beyond 98 degrees. I’ve known Lito and his brother Gus since we were first learning to ride bikes and play video games. Mortal Kombat on Sega was a big hit back then. Games have gotten a little more difficult, and these guys are still serious players. Musical players not gamers… (I’m sure they can still deliver a good uppercut to finishing move).

Lito is imbued with the superpower of melting minds, which is terrifying. He uses lightning guitar licks, that blast through space at speed. Wear a helmet if feeling cautious.

His brother Gus takes the roll of backbone for Mestizo Beat and is known for being rock solid. I’m not talking Ringo Star here folks. Better. The man is right on time and drives the rhythm section forward. Gus is a force to be reckon with and will be turning up the volume at the SaltDog Classic.

On a recent visit up in Topanga Canyon, I was sitting in the recording room as a Santana song came on. I listened as Lito hit the lead guitar section note for note. If these guys were born in time for the 60’s, they would give Carlos himself a run for his money.

These guys are also on Colemine Records, the newest thriving funk label. Along with the friends at SureFire Soul Ensemble, Colemine includes Orgone, Jungle Fire, Durand Jones and The Indications, and The Monophonics.

You won’t want to miss out on Mestizo Beat. That’s why we put them right next to the headliner at the 4 o’clock spot. Check them out this September 22nd.

Seaside State Beach. Be there.

About SaltDog Classic

Founded by a handful of California surfers, this is a grass roots festival thrown San Diego style. The event features live bands, vendors, various artists, and a full on Tiki Bar rocking. All held right here at Seaside State Beach. Designed with the intent to raise money for local non-profits, state parks, and rising artistic talent, SaltDog Classic brings the community together for a truly great day of festivities. Check them out at

About Rancho Coastal Humane Society

Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) began its journey in 1960, and was founded by a group of hardworking volunteers. Led by animal lover Maria K. Lloyd, their mission was to care for the homeless animal population of San Diego County and to educate the public about pet over-population and responsible companion animal care. To this day, their mission holds true. SaltDog Classic is proud to support them as our dedicated beneficiary. Contributions from the silent auction, all direct donations, and any profits from the event go towards their cause.

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