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Featured Artist: CHUGBOAT

At Mr. Peabody’s in Encinitas last summer people were eating burgers and sipping on affordable tall cocktails. The faint chatter of voices was broken up by the occasional clack of the pool stick. Older men and women stood ready to shake a leg, and the younger folks started to take over the outside tables as the night grows dark.

That was when CHUGBOAT hit the stage.

A quick synchronized ditty, and right away this ensemble was doing some unexpected things. Watch the mandolin and the guitar sing together in ways bluegrass players did not forsee. Lucas Rohm, Joshua Davis just ripping. Then Eric and Brendan come in strong, backing them up. A blend of island style jamming and folk sent people to the front of the stage, right up close and personal. The venue was packed out at this point. The next song flipped the script, and we were listening to straight Motown with a muddy twang to it.

A personal favorites was Papaya, now on Spotify, and see if you don’t get hooked. Be warned, it may not actually be about papaya.

One song after the next, they kept me guessing as to what would emanate next. CHUGBOAT showed its color with a wild assortment of instruments and musical genres put forth. Those chuggers took the audience by storm that day, and I remain baffled as to what their style of music actually is. Psychedelic Folk Rock? Jam Band Jamborea? Hilly-Billy Funk?

Since then the band has performed in the classic venues in San Diego including The Music Box, 710 Beach Club and OB Winston’s, as well as events like CityFest, GypsyFest, and Coronado Brewing Company’s 20th Anniversary celebration.

After seeing them live, we had to rope them into this year’s SaltDog Classic on Sept 22nd. In their own words “CHUGBOAT keeps the dance party lit.” Dance, Dance, Dance the beach day away.

More Artist Features to come on the SaltDog Classic website, so stay tuned. For now, check out the BANDS that will be playing.

About SaltDog Classic

Founded by a handful of California surfers, this is a grassroots festival thrown San Diego style. The event features live bands, vendors, talented artists, and a Craft Tiki Bar. All held right here at Seaside State Beach. Designed to raise funds for local non-profits, the state park, and rising artistic talent, SaltDog Classic brings the community together for a radical day. Check out the scene at

About Rancho Coastal Humane Society

Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) began its journey in 1960, and was founded by a group of driven individuals and led by animal lover, Maria K. Lloyd. Their mission was twofold; to care for the homeless animal population of San Diego County and to educate citizens on pet over-population and responsible companion animal care. To this day, their mission holds true.. Check out their silent auction and the Artist Garden at the SaltDog Classic beach festival.

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