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Non-Profit Partnership for Charity

This year the SaltDog Crew has partnered with Rollin’ from the Heart to provide an all day experience that will leave people smiling and proud to support their community. On September 23, 2017, there will be dancing, surfing, and live music ringing out in Solana Beach for the SaltDog Classic Beach Fest. Watch San Diego come to life with live bands, beach games, and local vendors like Pi Yoga Pants and Modern Times rocking the sandy shores.

Rollin' from the Heart is an amazing heartfelt effort pioneered by founders, John Berry and Alison Brown as well as a dedicated team of local San Diegans. Through their commitment to kindness, they have developed an organization that provides disadvantaged and at-risk youth the opportunity to participate in fun and transformative activities they may not have access to in their present-day situations. The team has been bringing joy to our San Diego youths through mentorship and outdoor programs focused on exercise through skateboarding, surfing, and hiking.

Their goal is to facilitate the development of healthy and active lifestyles while providing a physical outlet for anxiety and stress that many of these young people face. Rollin’ From The Heart is striving to give them the confidence to believe in themselves and help them discover their own unique passions and identities.

Rollin' from the Heart has spent the last 5 years helping at-risk and challenged youth with their strong community involvement. They have successfully brought inspiration and joy to thousands of kids who may have never been able to experience the rush of pavement under their feet, the beauty of nature in areas far from their neighborhoods, or the cool sea spray that hits your face when bouncing down a wave. Through these experiences, kids are able to develop an appreciation for health and the outdoors and better equipped to say no drugs and violence.

This September 23, check out the SaltDog Classic Beach Fest where there will be live music, food, Modern Times beer, and beach games. All proceeds will go towards benefiting the non-profit Rollin' from the Heart.

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