Featured Artist: The SureFire Soul Ensemble

A little story about seeing the musical force known as The SureFire Soul Ensemble I walk past Pizza Port and towards the giant blue mural that reads Ocean Beach. On it is the striking face of Johnny Cash, dressed in black and smoking his cigarette. Round the corner and through the door, I enter a dark room with filtered lights of red and green. There is a slight stank in the air. Something funky no doubt. People are packed into the OB Winston’s and ready to get loud. A swelling anticipation is pointed towards the stage for tonight’s show with The SureFire Soul Ensemble. They begin with the percussion section and a rumbling bass: Clack, clack goes the clave Boom, boom goes the bongos Doo, doo

Featured Artist: Emily Afton

A world of light with a twist of dark solace Step into the world of Emily Afton. First exposed to Emily’s music at a party in her parent’s backyard, we were spread out across a grassy hill and listening from the shadows. The stage was a backyard patio and a fluorescent standing light, overly contrasting. A girl standing with her acoustic guitar, stands there politely smiling and nervous. She thanks everyone for being at their home, and steps closer to the microphone. She strums her instrument and sings out her first note. There was a tone in her voice that captivated her friends and everyone paid quiet attention. As if to speak would break the sincerity of her song lyric. Later following her

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