What is a San Diego Style Festival?

A recent Sunday afternoon in San Diego, I was sitting down enjoying a sunset and watching the planes take off over the water. A couple minutes go by and another 747 roars on in, booming over the city as they rise. It’s the weekend and summer is here. The fish were jumping and the tourist season was thriving. Getting down to the beach becomes an entirely different scene. People in pastel colored shirts and beige shorts hit the sand. They look like sherpas as they carry and drag all possible beach equipment. They got coolers with wheels, pop-up tents and tables, plastic shovels, sunhats, and beach toys of all kinds. These groups are hunkering down for the day. Thinking about the blend of our b

Featured Artist: Mestizo Beat

Brothers that Rock together Mestizo Beat is forged in the furnaces of the Los Angeles melting pot, where thousands of aspiring artists have battled for the top spots for decades. In my opinion folks, these dudes are top shelf mestizos and are taking full advantage of their love for worldly grooves. Started by two brothers, Lito and Gus Magana have the fire in their blood that heats music well beyond 98 degrees. I’ve known Lito and his brother Gus since we were first learning to ride bikes and play video games. Mortal Kombat on Sega was a big hit back then. Games have gotten a little more difficult, and these guys are still serious players. Musical players not gamers… (I’m sure they can still

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