Story of the SaltDog

When surfing was beginning to gain traction in California, thousands of young men and women flocked to the beach to join the scene. Chasing a curling wave or an attractive babe, locals soon found that the beach was not just a destination but a lifestyle. A home away from home where joy could be found sunbathing two towels down, or from a quick dip into the ocean. A generation of beachbums was growing and families sprouted children with salt in their brain and surfwax in their blood. One warm and sunny day on the shores of Blacks Beach, La Jolla, a young pup caught sight of his first big waves. He had always heard howling legends about the power and the tranquility that emerged from theses oc

SaltDog Classic Tip: How to Make a Salty Dog

Ingredients Coarse Salt Ice cubes 1 Part Vodka 2 Parts Grapefruit Juice Preparation Pour coarse salt onto a plate or clean cutting board. Moisten the rim of each glass before dipping top of glass into the salt to coat the rim. Toss in a couple ice cubes, pour in 1 generous part of Vodka (preferably something decent) and then finish with 2 parts of grapefruit juice. Stir drink and let the good times roll. Result Now once you have a few of those down, it's time to hit up your local beach festival , try and sing old fashion sailor tunes ,and attempt to dance to the Irish fiddle that may or may not be playing in your head. This one is a throwback. Get ready to feel the ocean sway as you bob up

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