Why Surfers are Good at Start-Ups

Sitting and waiting for the coming monolith. A hundred million dollar deal looms in the distance like a black mountain peak. A client too big to fail. There are mixed feelings of excitement, fear, anticipation. The moment approaches and she’s a big one. Dangerous in size. What is needed now is a heightened since of awareness with focus and agility turned up a notch from adrenaline or years of practice. All while looking into the eye of the storm. As a surfer, we have been training for this moment, training on the smallest days, and learning how to tread water in order to catch a breath. A wave appears at Blacks Beach, far outside the rest. People around me begin to splash water, frantically

Non-Profit Partnership for Charity

This year the SaltDog Crew has partnered with Rollin’ from the Heart to provide an all day experience that will leave people smiling and proud to support their community. On September 23, 2017, there will be dancing, surfing, and live music ringing out in Solana Beach for the SaltDog Classic Beach Fest. Watch San Diego come to life with live bands, beach games, and local vendors like Pi Yoga Pants and Modern Times rocking the sandy shores. Rollin' from the Heart is an amazing heartfelt effort pioneered by founders, John Berry and Alison Brown as well as a dedicated team of local San Diegans. Through their commitment to kindness, they have developed an organization that provides disadvantaged

Creating My First Charity Event Part 2

5. Taking it to market The cause worth supporting was decided upon, a non-profit who advocates for this cause has been contacted and made aware of the charity opportunity, the website was created to add legitimacy, and now the hard part. First time events have no traction before you embark on the marketing journey. With or without the website, you will need to generate content using images, video, and good copy. Remember the words ‘Target Market’? Every event will have certain demographics that it appeals to. Make sure to know your audience, because the images and copy you produce will have to be something they can connect to. If you are having a hard time coming up with catchy graphics and

Creating My First Charity Event: Part 1

Sound ambitious? If not, than you may already be an experienced event coordinator and think sorting out partnerships, vendors, permits and paperwork are a walk in the park. For the rest of us who are looking to give back to our community without the knowhow, I wrote this piece to show how a fun idea could become an annual event that gives back to our communities. 1. Supporting a Cause Today’s world is filled with causes worth fighting for. With a wealth of information at the other end of our computer screens, the injustices, the pollution, the lack of violence can all be inundating. In the face of such adversities a common response is to go numb. Try taking a different approach. Look at the

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